Boost Your Brand With These Social Media Content Strategy Tips

An effective and engaging social media content strategy can make a huge difference for your business – allowing you to reach out to more potential customers, continuously engage and interact with your audience, and build your brand as a reputable, credible source in your industry.



53% of the entire population is on social media, and marketers worldwide are taking notice. According to statistics from HubSpot, who polled over 1000 marketing professionals, 79% of marketers used some form of paid advertising to further increase their outreach.


But customers don’t just come from paid advertising campaigns – they also come from organic, genuine social media content.


Mastering your social media content strategy is no easy task, and some businesses take years to nurture and grow an audience organically. We know you don’t want to wait years to build an audience, and if you’re a small business especially, you may not want to spend money on paid advertising.


We’ve got your back! We compiled a list of our top tips, strategies, and advice for YOUR business to teach you how to create a content marketing strategy that will not only drive target audience members to your page but build credibility and bring loyal customers to your business as well.


1) Know Who You’re Writing For


Knowing who to write for sounds simple on paper, but executing it requires copious amounts of research. First, you’ll need to know your target audience and create content from their mindset.


What are they looking for? How can you relate to them? What makes your business stand out? Ask yourself all of these questions when planning a social media content marketing strategy because if you aren’t writing with your audience’s best interests in mind, your content won’t go far and won’t bring potential customers to your page.


Try and get into the mindset of your target audience and write in a relatable, reliable way that keeps them interested. You’ll need to make an excellent first impression, so make sure you’ve done your research and know what your audience is looking for.


The average human attention span is around 8 seconds, so if the first few sentences, posts, or bio isn’t speaking to the audience, they’ll leave your page within seconds.


2) Stand Out – Create Original Content


If you’re trying to be like other competitors or larger businesses, what’s to say your audience won’t just redirect themselves to a similar business?


This is especially crucial for small businesses who are just starting out and/or don’t have an extensive social media presence that has spanned years compared to other businesses. Don’t create content that blends in with others – stand out and make an impact that leaves a lasting impression on your audience.


If you’re competing in a market that already has competitors with tens of thousands of followers, make sure you emphasize your small business roots and your commitment to each and every customer who engages with the page.


Speak to your audience like genuine humans and not money machines. Don’t forget to build credibility by showing off accolades, achievements, awards, and more when needed!


3) Make Sure Your Headlines Are Top-Notch


As mentioned above: the average human attention span now rests around 8 seconds, and in the world of social media, browsing constantly is encouraged, so audience members are quick to skip something that doesn’t keep them engaged or interested for a set amount of time.


To counter this, make sure you’re making an excellent first impression. The best way to do this is to master your headlines – make them engaging, funny, or shocking to make them stand out. After all, if your headline and/or first sentence hasn’t engaged the audience, it’s likely that they won’t stick around to read the rest no matter how good it is.


What are the best ways to write top-notch headlines that attract interest and also keep your audience from feeling like they’re being treated like machines?


First, make sure your headlines are unique but simple. This includes making sure your headlines get straight to the point and state the obvious so your audience knows what they’re getting into – but when possible, make sure your headlines create a natural sense of urgency.


It may be hard balancing all of these tips into a single headline, so don’t feel pressured to cram everything in at once – pick the most engaging aspects of a headline and run with it.


4) Create Unique Visual Content


Another excellent way to attract and retain customers is to create unique visual content that is specific to your business. Ask yourself what in particular you’re looking to create beforehand: is it a video?


A unique graphic? An IG Story? Hone in on what you want to create and go from there. Remember to keep it professional and appealing – and don’t forget to make some quality improvements such as the addition of music, good lighting, and professional video quality. If needed, be sure to add some relevant effects too!


Getting creative and having fun while creating this content may seem silly, but getting creative, showing passion and enthusiasm for your product.


Sharing critical information about your product or service shows a human side of businesses that many other competitors forget to tap into from time to time to remind the audience that behind the screen, your business is human too.


5) Show The Strengths Of Your Business


Don’t be afraid to lean into the strengths of your business when creating a digital marketing content strategy. Show your audience what makes you stand out and why they should choose your products and/or services over others.


Have a unique achievement, accolade, or successful high-value projects? Show them off in your social media content! Just make sure you don’t go overboard – you don’t want to come off as a business with a big ego just for the sake of having one.


Emphasize the competitive edge of your business, show what makes your business different and what your greatest strengths and/or achievements are, and you’ll see a consistent stream of interested customers reaching out and engaging with your content and business.


If your business comes off as being the same as the rest, a lot of your target audience will likely choose an alternative business and not return.


6) Mix Up What You Share


Attracting customers is one thing, but retaining loyal ones is a whole different story. The most successful social media content strategies keep both of these in mind – and the most common way to keep your audience engaged and eager to see your content is to mix it up.


If all you’re doing is sharing product info and webinars, most of your audience is bound to get the memo after the first few times they see a post with those topics – and some might even leave for good.


Make sure you space out your content with engaging topics, polls, videos, and other social media content such as IG Reels or Stories. It’s important to establish a content calendar with set topics, but it’s just as important to not bind your business to it.


Instead, branch out from time to time, take part in relevant trends, it’s okay to experiment from time to time so long as it’s relevant and loops back around to your business and/or product!


7) Measure Your Results


If you aren’t analyzing and measuring your results, you’ll never know exactly what’s working best for your social media content strategy.


Helpful engagement tools can be found on all prominent social media platforms to help you see what posts are receiving the most views, likes, shares, saves, and more. Utilizing these tools will help your business identify what’s working best and what may need to be tweaked a bit.


Trial and error play a crucial role in the success of a content optimization strategy, so if your content is only receiving a few likes or views at a time, don’t feel discouraged! Keep honing in on what your audience is looking for and what’s working best for your business and your content will thrive.


We guarantee you’ll see results if you’ve implemented all of these tips into your social media content marketing strategy. This includes more clicks, more profile visitors, more engagement, and, most importantly (from a business standpoint), more customers. You can even use your social media strategy as a conduit to get more website visits. Need a website content strategy? We’ve also created a blog to help you build a high-end, Google-friendly business website.


Social media marketing can benefit your business in countless ways – making it a worthwhile time investment when looking for ways to reach your target audience and boost your sales.


Need more help with optimizing your SEO and content strategy? One of the services our team at PalmPons specializes in is content strategy services – and we’re ready to develop a perfect plan for your business and your target demographic. So get in touch with us today and see how to boost your business together!