The 3 W’s Of Getting A Freelancer For Your Startup

You would think hiring employees when you’re just starting up your business is a waste of time and money. But, despite this perspective, you’re definitely going to need help in some aspects to ensure success!


A study by Harvard Business School and Boston Consulting Group (BCG) reports 40% of businesses saw an increase in market relevance, productivity, and innovation thanks to their freelancers.


Plus, MBO Partners foresees half of the United States’ manpower will be self-employed by 2023 – which means not getting a freelancer early may leave you behind!


Here are some answers to frequently asked questions:





If you get the right freelancer, get a jack of all trades. Writer, editor, accountant – you name it. One freelancer can fill in the roles of three team players. As long as you pay them well and treat them right, your projects are done within the set deadline with top-notch quality.


With advanced technology, your pool of workers isn’t limited to your hometown, either! You could be based in the United States and get your website done by a developer in the Middle East or Northern Asia.





Though full-time employees dedicate their whole work-life to your company until the resignation paper appears, hiring freelancers helps cut expenses. Freelancers can be project-based or have an hourly rate. No mandatory Medicare, insurance, and other benefits (don’t worry – they love freedom – including handling their finances).


You don’t need people to sit idle waiting for work and receive wages for a month with work done in just three to five days. This can put your finances at risk occasionally but gives you more control over budgeting and funding.





Of course, discerning who’s who doesn’t happen in a snap. You’ll need some experience in hiring freelancers and the best time for that is TODAY. We can’t guarantee you’ll always get a good one, but we can attest that your business can soar higher with freelancers.



There’s always someone who can work around your time and budget that is waiting for a call to become a part of your team. They’re reliable, efficient, and respectful – when they see you are too. Give them a chance, they might just be the missing piece to your team to take on the global stage with your passion and creation!