How To Use Facebook Ads To Increase Sales

When it comes to social media campaigns, Facebook is the default choice due to its enormous reach. With 1.6 billion people worldwide that are connected to a small business on Facebook, the social media giant is an excellent platform for increasing visibility for your brand. And, while Facebook itself is beneficial, advertising on Facebook is a sure-fire solution to bring your business in front of even more potential customers.


So, if you’re already utilizing Facebook ads but getting less than expected results, or if you’re new to  Facebook lead ads and want to get them right from the start. We’ve got a few tips for you on how to use Facebook ads for business to boost sales and revenue.



1. Create Carousel Ads


On Facebook, you may now choose a multi-product carousel. This particular ad kind improves click-through-rate and reduces the cost of Facebook ads for a variety of reasons:


It’s intriguing and interactive. Customers want to scroll and see more. Our inherent curiosity makes us click and play. This increases brand awareness and engagement.
It shows a set of related products. Utilize this option to tell a story or to demonstrate the interaction of multiple products.


It shows more products. Suppose that you are a retailer of snowboarding gear. While customers may not be ready to purchase a snowboard immediately, you can offer alternatives such as boots or wax. It encourages additional clicks.



2. Use a Video Advert


Video content is deliberately prioritized by Facebook’s algorithm. Using video increases your chances of being seen on people’s feeds. People are more likely to view a video because it starts playing as soon as they scroll over it. It’s also more engaging as a format. According to data, almost half of daily Facebook users view videos on the platform.



3. Offer Discounts and Promotions


Everyone loves a good deal, and when you provide a discount, your customers are much more likely to click. This will also give you the perfect opportunity for cross-sells and upsells.


Create an ad that customers may redeem without leaving Facebook. Less friction means more sales. By clicking the ad, users get a unique code to utilize on your website. Additionally, you can use ‘social proof’ to demonstrate to others how many people have previously claimed it. Overall, this is an excellent method of attracting new and existing customers to your website.



4. Boost An Existing Popular Post


Boosting an already published post is an excellent idea. You can choose previous content that has gathered a large number of shares, click-throughs, and engagements. In other words, you’re aware that it works. Now all you have to do is enhance it to reach tons of users. You can either market it to people who already like your page or reach out to new ones. Boost it for more sales and attention.


Additionally, you may get excellent deals at PalmPons to assist you in reaching a wider audience and boosting your shared content in order to increase sales.



5. Stop Selling!


Not every ad has to be a sales pitch. In fact, studies show that we prefer to tune out obvious adverts. We’re so used to seeing online ads that we overlook them. Find new ways to get value from your ad.


One approach is to promote an event. This is an excellent method to grow brand exposure. You could possibly host a local product launch event. If you own a fashion store, you could host a catwalk event or sponsor a clothing event. If you own a jewelry store, you should think about hosting a workshop in your community. Then, create a Facebook event to promote it.



6. Enhance Your Brand’s Identity


Your brand identity is what connects you to your audience, generates customer loyalty, and affects how they view your brand. This is another excellent method of advertising without actually selling anything. Facebook paid ads to function best when they are visual, motivating, and viral in nature. With this type of advertising, you will increase your consumer base and strengthen your brand loyalty in the long run.



7. Create A Custom Call-To-Action


This is a great new Facebook feature. You may now construct a personal call-to-action on Facebook rather than a standard box. It will allow you to select from a number of drop-down menu options, such as ‘shop now’, ‘learn more’, and ‘sign up’. Also, you can enter your own custom call-to-action. So, create one that’ll captivate your target audience, educate them and increase your click-through rate. A high click-through rate leads to a greater conversion rate.



8. Targeting


With more targeting options than ever, Facebook can show your ads to the most likely buyers. With the ability to target certain demographics, you can tailor your content to each audience, enhancing your ad’s effectiveness.


Remember not to simply show to individuals who already know, like, or interact with your page. Targeting options include age, gender, interests, work titles, and geography. Also, you can establish unique audiences based on your most likely customers.



Indeed, Facebook advertising is a wonderful tool for not just increasing your reach but also for reaching the right people who will engage with your posts, spread the word about your brand, and eventually become customers. The advantages of Facebook ads contribute to the growth of your audience and, ultimately, sales.


Remember these tips you can do when running your social media marketing campaign on Facebook. Want it done effectively and YOUR way? You can always hire an expert, like PalmPons, to do it for you!