Tips to Get More Followers on Instagram

If you’re planning to grow your business’ audience, you’d want to target the 1 billion active monthly users of Instagram. It’s a promising pool of customers that may be interested in the product or service you sell.


Here are some marketing tips to increase your reach on the platform which will help you to grow Instagram followers organically:






Make sure your profile is concise and precise – from your name, username, profile photo, and bio. It should be friendly and easily understood but should also directly state your business’s purpose and product within the character limit . Hence it is one of the effective ways to grow Instagram followers organically.





Posting random photos and videos on your feed should not solely make up your “content”. Ideate a game plan that can draw the audience to your post such as consistent posting, varying topics that establish credibility and a unique theme, adding hashtags, and spicing up your captions.





Instagrammers have a thing called “feed-goals” where your profile is aesthetically pleasing to look at. They might not click on the individual posts but getting them to scroll through your feed can garner attention. To do this, you could use uniform filters or layouts and be more creative in arranging your posts.





The feature “highlights” displayed below your bio also adds appeal to your profile. Most influencers and marketers carefully handpick highlight covers that match their aesthetic. It’s also where you can post important information for swifter viewing.

 Hence this feature is very helpful and you can definitely use this feature if you have a question to yourself “How to gain more followers on Instagram”.





Brands usually begin with encouraging followers to share their insights in the comments or have giveaways to increase potential customers. Some businesses make use of highlights too, where they group stories tagged by their patrons to interact and show appreciation. This can definitely be one of the best methods to grow Instagram followers organically.





Don’t forget to advertise your Instagram account on your other channels like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, or a personalized webpage so your clients know they can even see you across several platforms. This will surely help you to grow traffic on Instagram organically.




If you’re still skeptical about opening an account for your business on Instagram, this is a sign for you to start today. You don’t want to miss the opportunity to expand your scope online! So stop losing followers on Instagram instead focus on the strategies on how to gain Instagram followers in 2021.