The Value of Snippets

At Palmpons, where we have built our own unique digital advertising and reward system, we have something called snippets.

It’s a key part of what we’re doing, as we embark on this program to help clients and end users experience more of what the digital age has to offer.

Here’s how we define snippets in the ecosystem:


This part of our system is the key idea in psychology of marketing. Snippets are a unique way to deliver a key message quickly and efficiently. They play a vital role, because so much of the modern online bottleneck or silo has to do with stagnant data, data that’s not in the right format, or data that is hidden in frustrating ways within a system.

Snippets and Google’s Search Engine

For a good example of how this works, let’s go back and look at how Google pioneered the use of something called “rich snippets” long before we set up Palmpons.

First, Google created the summaries and abstracts that show off potential web results with brevity – and called them “snippets.”

These text-only bits became popular as a way to guide the navigating user through the search engine results page. Like digital breadcrumbs of a sort, snippets were way posts in an evolving Internet, which didn’t evolve without its share of confusion and growing pains. You can see some of the context in resources from places like the W3C, where Tim Berners-Lee and others tried to provide the guidance necessary to advance the global Internet.

Then Google came up with something called “rich snippets” – here, small ornamentations were added to the text, for example, reviews in the form of visual stars.

People begin to see how these visual additions could enhance that practice of quickly directing users, and rich snippets caught on. Meanwhile, Google was also refining its ranking algorithms, in ways that would eventually get rid of sock puppet marketing and annoying keyword stuffing and so many black hat practices stumping the early web.

Palmpons Snippets and Effective Gamification

We’re using that same concept in a different way to help people to explore our platform! (You could say we’re evolving our algorithms, too, but what we’re really doing is innovating in how end users surf the web.)

If you want to earn rewards through social media, reach new audiences, and leverage the Internet in a bold new way, try Palmpons! Use our FAQ to see how this works and get started in building reward into your Internet footprint.