How to Generate More Sales Leads with The Help of Social Media

Each day, millions of people from around the world interact on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Most business owners understand just how important it is to have a presence on social media. This is why the average entrepreneur spends roughly 10% of the annual revenue on social media marketing and advertising.



If you have started to notice a decline in the number of sales leads your social media marketing efforts are generating, it is time to take action. The following are some things you can do to generate a higher number of quality leads with the help of social media. 

Bringing in Third-Party Help May Be Necessary


Handling the creation and implementation of social media marketing campaigns can be difficult for an inexperienced business owner. If you feel like you have exhausted all of your resources in an attempt to generate more leads on social media, it may be time to bring in some professional help. Working with a third-party that has an extensive network of users willing to share your content on social media is a great idea. 

Companies like PalmPons offer consumers reward points for sharing the content they produce. This content is shared in Snippets, which is a term used to describe short social media posts, blog links, and videos. Not only can PalmPons help you reach a wider audience, but you also can get a great deal on the help provided. Instead of plugging away with a limited social media reach, you need to expand your horizons with the help of PalmPons. 

Clickable Content Has to Be Generated


People who use social media on a daily basis are bombarded with content from various brands. Making sure your posts stand out is a lot harder than you probably imaging. When creating content to put on your business social media profiles, your main objective needs to be making it engaging and easy to share. 

The posts people want to share on their social media profile generally include helpful information, a funny meme, or a cool video. If you are unsure about how to create this type of clickable content, consulting with a marketing professional is a smart move. Allowing professionals to help in the development of social media content is crucial when trying to increase the number of shares and engagement it receives. 

User-Friendly Landing Pages


Directing traffic from social media websites to your business website is vital if you want to grow your bottom line. If you are creating social media posts about specific products/services your company offers, directing traffic to user-friendly landing pages is a must. 

Landing pages are designed to provide information about a single product or service. As you create these landing pages, you need to make sure that a unique selling proposition and a call to action are featured. With these two elements, you can turn visitors to your landing pages into actual customers.