How to Rank in Google’s Featured Snippets

If you want to get traffic via Google, you must know and understand all the features, all the time. If you haven’t noticed, Google is continually changing. You have to know just how these features work to make sure you can rank for them.

But it doesn’t stop there. You also have to watch what the competition is doing.

When you search Google, you’ll find the results are full of more than just regular links. Featured snippets are the first thing someone will see when searching for a word or phrase. They are also growing in popularity year after year.


Snippets are popular because they answer questions that people are searching for in a way that is easy to read, quick, and convenient. With these, you don’t have to click through anything to find what you need.



If you want to ensure that your snippets show up in Google’s featured snippet section, you have to make sure it’s done correctly. Keep reading to learn how.

Find Your Competitor’s Snippets


There are several resources you can use to find the snippets your competitors are using. With something like SEMrush, you can discover what featured snippets your competitors are using and find out which ones you are ranking for currently.

Once you know what snippets the competition is earning, you can optimize your own content for the same topics and words.

Use Google for Uncovering Snippet Opportunities


One of the best ways for you to find snippets you can optimize content for is by thinking like your audience. What questions are people looking for answers to?

If you don’t know what questions your audience is asking, now is the time to find out. Go on social media and join the conversation. This will get you an array of ideas to start creating featured snippets for.

Conduct Keyword Research



Now is the time to conduct keyword research. This is something you should already be doing, but you can optimize your keyword research to help you find featured snippets. Try to use a tool to discover if a search query will provide you with featured results. There are several tools available that will let you find out what featured snippets your competition is ranking for and what you need to improve your site’s ranking.

If you are currently ranking for a particular keyword, it is worth finding out if Google is showing featured snippets for those keywords. If so, try to rank for it by answer questions that people are asking about the topic. After that, just format your content to include some tags that relate to the questions being asked.

Are You Ready to Appear in Google’s Featured Snippets?



As you can see, there are several steps you can take to ensure you appear in Google’s featured snippets. Take some time to find the tools and strategies that work best for you to achieve the highest level of success possible for your business.