Tip #2: Use high quality images with your Snippets

Yes a picture is worth a 1,000 words, when you have the RIGHT image. So how can you make sure you are using a high quality image? First off, make sure the image you are using accurately represents your business as a whole. If you claim to use the finest ingredients or materials, or provide the best service, make sure your image says that.





Secondly, make sure the image itself is high resolution, meaning it should be sharp and clear in focus, generally, the greater the number of pixels, the higher the resolution. This is important because any consumer is highly visual and makes buying decisions based on what they see, so your image has to capture them! Take for example Schwan’s, the home delivery food service, has one of the highest conversion rates among e-commerce sites based on their “juicy” images.



With our Ad-less platform, these are the elements to create a successful campaign. Stay tuned, next week there will be an announcement of new features we have developed and released in PalmPons that facilitates just that!