Winter is the Best Time!

It doesn’t snow here often but when it does snow everything shuts down. This means people aren’t out and businesses are closed. Most of the small businesses we work with are taking a snow day and I’m here plugging away in the office. Not frowning down on my constituents but I see wintertime as a great opportunity.





You may ask why, its an opportunity for me to be creative and think about more ways of reaching business owners that need our services. I encourage our clients that marketing is an uphill battle and it takes consistency for it to really pay off.



But today is a great time to think about how to reach out to new customers and other avenues of bringing traffic to their storefront. Well at least you can start your creative juices flowing on PalmPons. We are a online platform that never closes, this allows you to capitalize and be creative and run a sales campaign from the comfort of your home office. So when the snow day is over you got a line waiting for you!