Reap What You Sow

Remember mom use to say you will get what you put into whatever you do? Well business is the same way. Think about it, if you plant a apple seed, what do you expect to get? APPLES!!! So you should think of your business in a farming sense, but what does a farmer have to do first to the soil? They have to cultivate it, and by cultivating the soil it makes it more fertile.




You can have a awesome product, but if you don’t advertise it, or make it available to customers they will never find your service or product. Standard advertising is not as effective as it once was. I was reading about Gorilla Marketing and this type or strategy of marketing basically encourages you to plaster your business everywhere people would see it, they even suggested graffiti. I wouldn’t suggest this, you might end up in JAIL!



An article titled “7 Ways To Drive Web Traffic To Your Local Land-Based Business” and No. 6 had “Local deals sites”, this is a great way to leverage your business. But most local deal sites control your advertising even to the point of what you can actually sell and the time you can run your promotion.



One of the founding ideas behind PalmPons, is to encourage FREEDOM and develop you the tools you need to engage new customers on your terms. PalmPons is NOT a daily deal site, but we are a platform that allows you to quickly create and distribute your promotional marketing campaigns. We build socially integrated tools so you can gauge the performance of your promotional campaigns. The cost associated with any marketing is staggering and the cost are rising by the day! Why leave it to chance with you investing with no guarantee of ROI.



Using PalmPons is a good way to get new customers because you get the opportunity to close the deal right then, eliminating the extra step for a customer to redeem the coupon or voucher. We also charge no upfront cost and we charge 30% less then businesses in the same space and we offer unlimited amount of flexibility.



Building your customer base means you have to start cultivating and sowing the seeds! Stop wasting time and money, get the business you want to reap with NO upfront cost.