46 Billion Reasons

There are 46 billion reasons why you should create a sales campaign. Yeah you heard me right, 46 billion reasons, and those reasons are dollars. Let me put $1 billion dollars into perspective, if you were to annualize $1 billion dollars, you would receive a check for $25 million dollars a year for 40 YEARS!!!







When I speak with a business owner that says, “We don’t run specials” I stop talking with them IMMEDIATELY because if you don’t run a special or discounts, your pretty much are just throwing money away.  I thought we were all in business to make money, RIGHT?



PalmPons brings a new experience to this task by giving you the tools to create and run your sales campaigns. Not only do you create your discount but also if someone finds it interesting, the consumer can take immediate action at that moment and capitalize.



You not only get the sale but you get the customer! I’m not saying your going to make $46,000,000,000 with PalmPons, but if you could get a piece of that pie wouldn’t you want to try? There is no upfront cost to use our system, only paying us for results! Our growing network of online partners gets your “Snippet” (digital sample) into the hands of people interested in your products or services, so why not start today, you’ll be glad you did!