Success Takes a Team

I was watching HGTV last night and one particular episode had a couple looking for a new home as always. You know how they have their description of the couple and kind of home they want to own and their secular work.




This particular couple had an ONLINE import export golf supplies business and mentioned they were the biggest in the world, kinda explains why they were looking for a multimillion dollar home.



What also struck out to me is the husband mentioned that he made his first million at age 24! My point in all this is how do you think he did it? Maybe family gave him money, maybe he was some genius, I do not know but I get he has an awesome TEAM. Now what I noticed on the show is they worked from home so they were relatively a small business.



Most business owners think their team has to be their employees, but the team can extend outside of the immediate office personnel. PalmPons considers ourselves as your extended team building technology that not only attracts new customers but also gives you as a merchant insight on what works and what does not. Our team here is your extended team, utilize our resources by giving us a call anytime, during normal business hours that is.