Sales Tactics

The big companies have them, do you? Yeah, I know, they have the budget to get the gold winning Olympian to sell you how fast there service is, or the celebrity to be the spokesman to their product or service, but guess what, the consumer doesn’t really care about that.



If you want the consumer in this economic climate to take notice of you and your business, you need to offer them some type of incentive. Incentives like specials or promotions work, but what if you could allow them to take advantage of the offer or special right then, sealing the deal?



At PalmPons you can do just that. We wanted to take the hoop out of marketing and incentive base business promotion. PalmPons is not a replacement of your sales tactic we are just a supplement and an extension.



Stop wasting time printing and mailing and facebooking and twitting about incentives, those are not the places that the consumer are looking for them. Create your SNIPET today and you’ll thank us tomorrow :)!