Our Journey

As a blog should be, its pretty much a log of things we are working on and discoveries along the way. This has been a long journey LOL. We have been working on this project for a year now and we are just beginning! I never working on a project to this extent before.




This began as a hobby that eventually morphed into an idea. Our objective was not to build a deal site, but build something that could be useful for business owners in their journey and ongoing activity of marketing. We wanted to make something that was easy to use and offers real results. What’s more real than customers actually buying an item from you, right? Well, we also wanted to give insight to those actions made by customers and also be less evasive to the consumer. I get tons of emails from everyone and their mother (excuse my french) about save here or in the mail about a offer. I thought of the name about 3 years ago, and I might change it to be honest with you and playing with some ideas. Any way, I thought I would take a little break and write this for your reading pleasure. Leave a comment on things you would like to see in the app, stuff you think would be cool and useful. Cheers!!