I haven’t posted a blog here for a while, because we have been working hard to develop the site further and give businesses a powerful tool to be innovative! If you haven’t visited the site in a while we have created functionality so you – the business owner can run you own promotional marketing campaigns that generate REAL results.




What we mean by REAL results is the fact that you actually see customers purchasing your products or services and actually making those customers long term customers. Marketing a business is really daunting especially when you factor in most of the time you need to pay for these services before you actually see the results of the effort.



PalmPons is changing that approach. We want you to build a relationship with us and understand we want to become a long term partner for you and your organization. How do we do that? Well, you only pay us if the service actually works! This means NO RISK TO YOU AND NO UPFRONT COST!! This is our vision and our commitment to you and YOUR customers! Get started today at PALMPONS!