Home Grown

At PalmPons, we are happy to be a non-venture capital funded start-up. Our team is expanding and we are learning so much in the process. From thinking outside the box to organizing our development strategy to being cost effective and brand conscience, its been an exciting journey and we are just getting started.




Our team has worked efficiently and tirelessly to continue to build features that help our small business peers. At first, I wanted to be funded, and thought it would be cool to be able to be every where with the help of venture capital, but then I read the news and see how much control you lose from getting funded by the CAPITAL and then I said to myself, “I’m glad to be home grown!”



Most of our market is home grown, building their own brand themselves and starting from nothing, but this is what makes them, or what makes US unique. We have to be able to solve problems by thinking and not by throwing money at the situation, that’s what makes a business viable and a team successful. We are always thinking and expanding on our ideas, being resourceful and focused on making it a win-win for everyone.



This is an awesome journey and very rewarding to see this idea morph into a reality and I am focused on the path to viability and success. Actually to me it is already a success because we put our minds to doing something and we did it and we did it as a TEAM!