Generosity Marketing

What is Generosity Marketing? Well its when you give a little back to your patrons or reduce the price of your product or service for a new customer. To sum it up, its running a promotion and using it as a marketing strategy to build more interest in your product or service. This is actually done all the time, from Wal-Mart to Target, and other retailers that sell products or services, giving a percent off on a particular item if purchased.




But what this actually does is get people that are ready to purchase to come to their place of business, and most likely the consumer buys another item at full price! Great strategy huh? Well, this has been done on a even drastic scale, keep reading and you decide.



Think about the Great Recession, it wasn’t anything to scoff at, but one huge conglomerate actually used this strategy to increase consumer confidence, because this is what we are trying to do, get consumers to trust us so they can become loyal customers.



This conglomerate was none other than the US Government! What they did was allow the Fed or Central Bank to lend cheap money! Cheap money is another term for cutting interest rates. By purchasing billions of dollars worth of securities and bonds each month, this allowed the consumer to have lower interest rates to purchase homes, automobiles, etc. Now that’s how to get customers in the door!



This lead to repeat purchases, because now someone has a HOUSE and needs to buy FURNITURE, or they purchased a car and will eventually need BRAKES and TIRES! Smart thinking huh?? So why are they successful with these strategies and the small business owner is not? Well small business owners rarely try this strategy and second, they don’t have an affordable medium to present these generously discounted prices on their products or services. Well now there is a sustainable way for your business to do this! Create your PalmPons Snippet today and you will thank us TOMORROW!