C.C.C needs R.P.P.P

CCC stands for Cost Conscience Consumers. Today, we see the economy picking up. This is great, but the Great Recession has put a bad taste in the mouth of consumers. They are more frugal and cost conscience than ever! I mean how can you blame them, when someone tells you that your job is lost at a whims notice, cash is king and they are holding on to their cash, looking for the best price for products and services.




Let me tell you, this is BAD for the small business community! It makes it harder for them to actually present their products or services, allowing space only for the big fish and cash strapped businesses who can put a spot light on their prices. This is a price driven economy, not service or quality driven.



You and your business cannot afford to sit on the sidelines hoping someone will see the value in your business or the service you provide. Marketing is important but also putting your money in the proper place to keep your enterprise growing is a daunting task.



PalmPons has a solution, RPPP – Real Pay Per Performance is here at PalmPons, you don’t pay unless it works. Your snippets are bit-sized sell-able pieces of your products or services, with your marketing message embedded inside! Get started today and you will thank us tomorrow!