The Power of Gamification

Our new technologies are changing many fields, but one that is responding to change especially quick in the field of marketing and advertising.

In a basic sense, we can see that the proliferation of social media and other new technologies has created an abundance of tools and techniques for marketers.


It’s also unlocked the phenomenon that’s becoming very central and important to software interfaces in marketing and beyond.




Gamification is the idea that you can engage users by making online interactions fun and accessible. Basically, constructing an experience in a way that contains an element of challenge, and making that challenge accessible and fun to handle, creates the UX strategies that use gamification to its greatest advantage. 


This practice is heavily used in the sales world, and it’s also a mainstay of customer experience design in many industries. Gamification gives people an easy way to get involved in a project because rather than viewing their participation as an obligation or a chore, they see it as an interesting and unusual game.


When you create snippets and share them with PalmPons, you’re participating in this kind of gamification experience. You’ll create ‘snippets’ and use these bite-sized media pieces to get into the game.


What is a snippet?


We call them ‘social shout-outs.’ Basically, you browse a list of content and choose items to post about on Facebook or Twitter. Your short posts are the foundation of this little game and help you to accrue a type of exclusive PalmPons currency called sharepoints. Then you cash in your sharepoints for goodies!


If you have an online store yourself, you can use the power of social media to promote your products and services, too. It’s a kind of synergy that only an e-commerce merchant could love! Just kidding. It’s popular with everybody. Check out our frequently asked questions to learn more about this rewards platform and how to use it, and what it means to become a business member or redemption partner through us. Becoming a content creator with PalmPons gets you into that interactive process that brings you rewards for your own social media activity. Members get gift cards and other rewards from liking and sharing and promoting businesses online. But it’s not work, that’s the beauty of it.


Check out the website to see how PalmPons approaches this type of rich social interaction online. “Like” us and we’ll “like” you!