The 2020 Mustang GT350R Will Be Rare, But It’s Well Done

Are you a Mustang buyer? Then Ford has something new for 2020 that you might be interested in: the 2020 Shelby GT350R. However, is it worth all this hassle?





First of all, the Ford Mustang Shelby GT350R gets a significant price hike for 2020, starting at $73,435. The R-model will be $13,000 more expensive than the standard-issue GT350, and it’s not even the fastest Mustang for the price. Sure, the GT350R is a better version, but the real question is this: Is it worth to chase a rarer cut of Shelby?



The changes aren’t all that dramatic. The main goal here was to reduce some weight and improve the car’s livability for 2020.



One of the big benefits of the GT350R over the standard GT350 is its carbon fiber wheels, and Ford engineers even deleted the rear seat in the GT350R to make them supper light. Lightweight wheels make the car ride better, handle better and turn better. The interesting story is how they came up with such an improvement. A couple of weeks ago Ford opened the M1 Concourse country so the drivers could get a sneak peek of the new GT350R. M1 is surrounded by some lamentable pavement with potholes, and after that all cars returned with their $4000-a-corner Carbon Revolution wheels intact.



Lightweight wheels make the car rid, handle and turn better. This isn’t to say that the GT350R would make a great commuter, as it would not, unless the roads you drive are flawless and free of blemishes.



The dramatic difference for this year, however, is a change in steering geometry and calibration. The change in leverage is addressed with a change to the calibration of the power assist. Teamed with a revised steering rack and returned power steering, it’s supposed to provide more precision on the track.



GT350R is a car that cares more about driver engagement than lap times, as evidenced by the sole transmission option: a six-speed manual. Running all the way to the shift lights warn you of the approaching 8,200-rpm redline (which never fails to gratify) and banging off another gear is addicting in a way that no dual-clutch transmission can ever replicate. In track mode, the GT350R will give you a lot of room to let the rear end step out or slide but always reels you back.



The car is shockingly comfortable, off the race track and on the road. Maybe it’s the lightweight wheels, but it feels better on cracked pavement than even the standard GT350.



GT350R is a limited edition, as Ford states. Does it feel appreciably different from the regular Shelby GT350? Not that much. It looks a bit different, inside and out, with its unique red accents, red brake badges, and red stitching throughout the interior. GT350R is not the fastest car, but if you experience it once, it will be impossible to forget. The choice is yours!