Most Stunning Glamping Sites Around the World

Camping can be fun and great. However, camping is not for everyone. Whether it’s the bugs, sleeping on the ground or the lack of plumbing, for some people, the great outdoors can feel more like a natural disaster than an adventure.



But, sleeping under the stars has never been so stylish. Glamping – a term short for “glamorous camping” wants to change people’s perspective about regular camping. Instead of the hard ground and too cold sleeping bags, glamping usually includes feather beds, comfy blankets, and sometimes…a flushing toilet.



When you glamp, you get all the amenities of a high-end hotel but in a natural environment that’s literally just miles away from any city. Now, if glamping sounds like the only type of camping you’d be willing to try, we’ve got you covered.



Here’s a wide range of impressive glamping resorts around the world.



Luxury Desert Tents – Moab, Utah


Glampers do not need to go all the way to Africa to experience the luxury of spending the night in a one-of-a-kind safari tent. The Moab Desert in Utah offers luxury safari tents with bathrooms that has hot running water, showers, flushing toilets, ceramic sinks and spa products. To top it all off, these fabulous tents comes complete with a plush king-size bed.



Luxury Tent Rental – Jervis Bay, Australia


Wake up in the morning with the hopes of seeing a kangaroo pass by while basking on the wrap-around outdoor decks. This luxury tent rental right in Jervis Bay has an access to kayaking, snorkeling, biking, canoeing and more. There is also an amazing treetop dining room on-site to enjoy the beautiful nature.



Breathtaking Beachfront Tree House – Zihuatanejo, Mexico


Glamping right next to the ocean has never been more luxurious! With all the gourmet  meals included, yoga classes, views, massages on the porch and more,  this tree house rental off the coast of Mexico is the ultimate dream. It’s nestled on palm trees and decked out with all the comfort such as a king-size bed, a private bathroom, an ocean view, and a small lounge area with an in-floor hammock.



Unique Luxury Dome – Wadi rum Desert, Jordan


Whether guests are looking to indulge in high-end amenities or make an escape to the great outdoors for some peace and tranquility, this site offers glampers luxury and a brand new way to connect with nature and with the desert landscapes of Jordan. This unique luxury dome is perfect for two guests.




Exotic Tree Houses – Rainforest in Sigiriya, Sri Lanka


Completely surrounded by the SEA flora and fauna, glampers will feel incredibly secluded without a worry in the world. Glampers who visit the site will fall head over heels for everything there is to experience at the site while getting to experience the authentic Sri Lankan culture.



Glamping is ideal for adventurers who love the rugged outdoors but don’t want to compromise on their modern comfort and conveniences. Whether you’re looking for something family friendly o something fit for a romantic getaway – you might want to consider to glamp the night away as you gaze at the Milky Way.