Cities Foodies Should Tour Right Now To Experience Variety Of Flavors

Eating has become the main reason to travel – whether that’s to a city with a culinary history or to a more recent and modern hotspot.


Sampling the local cuisine is an important part of travel, and for some, it’s often the main reason for choosing a destination. These are destinations that offer a variety of flavors for all budgets.  Get ready to set your sights on an international food tour. Here are the best food cities in the world right now:






Seems like Japanese chefs are highly in demand around the world and Tokyo is a destination for both street food and fine dining. For that reason Tsukiji Market alone would be enough to make Tokyo a foodie destination.  Did you know that 5 million pounds of fish are sold every day, mostly served as sushi?






Dubai’s isn’t known for street food, but if you are fan of it, visit Al Mallah Restaurant.  They are known for their chicken shawarma and other dishes. Want a fine dining option, La Petite Maison serves Mediterranean-French fusion cuisine.  Pintxos by Vineet serves some of the best upscale Indian food outside India.






Head down to Manhattan Beach where you’ll find MB Post, a small plates institution.  This establishment in LA is a must-visit restaurant.   Their bar serves innovative craft cocktails, and to-die-for tacos that cost no more than $3.  On the east side of town, Guisado’s mole  poblano tacos should not to be missed.






For an unbeatable Caviar experience, Caviar Kaspia should be at the very top of your list. Also, Paris is also known for having the croissant, pastries and baguettes in the world. So for that reason, don’t skip visiting a classic Parisan Bistro on a trip there.  Bistrot Paul Bert has a beautiful selection of after-dinner cheeses and authentic classics like steak au poivre.






Modena is a part of a Italy’s culinary triangle including Bologna and Parma. These three towns give the world some of the regions best exports. Due to being voted the best restaurant in the world and a recipient of three Michelin stars, visit Osteria Francescana for an unforgettable experience.






Finally, if you are a huge fan of pastries and French delicacies, you’ll have to start at Duc de Lorraine. Since smoked meat is a must in Montreal, visit Schwartz’s, a classic smoked meat restaurant. Visit the Jean Talon Market – which is where the city’s best chefs get their produce.



Finally, its dozens of criteria that can determine if a cities has incredible food to deem it one of the best in the world. If eating an important part of you’re trip, head to one of these food cities for an unforgettable experience our world has to offer.