[SENSITIVE] Credit Cards Every Millionaire Has In Their Wallet

Have you ever wondered what credit cards Kylie Jenner, Beyonce, or Oprah Winfrey use? The exclusive cards they possess to roll in style and live the life they are living?


These elite cards are acquiring popularity among wealthy consumers. What I mean by wealthy are those who routinely spend more than $100,000 on their cards annually.  These credit cards are only for a very small, select, and exclusive group of people. And, because these cards usually come as invite only, card holders use this as a badge of prestige.



Check out these rarely seen billionaire cards:



American Express Centurion Card




American Express’ Centurion Card or commonly known as the ‘Black Card’ is always recognized in this segment and that no millionaire is without. Having to possess one has no limits and has a wide arrangement of benefits – like luxury travel, dining, shopping and concierge services. The Black Card also comes with a relatively precipitous annual and initiation fee.



Stratus Rewards Card





The Stratus Rewards Visa Card is similar to the Centurion Card in so many ways. Cardholders have access to concierge services and can earn points towards discounted private jet flights, car services, and luxury hotel upgrades. The Stratus Rewards Visa Card charges a $1,500 annual fee and you must be invited by a Stratus Rewards partner company or be nominated by an existing cardholder.



Dubai’s First Royal MasterCard





If you’re looking for the epitome of exclusivity, then this card fits perfectly for you. With Royale, there is no credit limit and zero restrictions – yes, zero! It’s like nothing under the sun that Royale can’t buy.



The Palladium Card





The Palladium card not only sounds majestic, but it’s your very own piece of flat shaped jewelry. The card is only offered to private banking clients of Chase and JP Morgan with an annual fee of $595. Card holders can enjoy a limitless spending limit and no charges for foreign exchange, late payments, cash advances or overdrafts.



Coutts World Silk Card





Coutts World Silk Card is owned by the Queen of England. It may not look as extravagant as the First Royale MasterCard, but its owners are royalty. The silk card let’s its holders enjoy benefits like personalized concierge who will do pretty much everything for you. The Priority Pass membership gives you free access to more than 600 executive airport lounges worldwide. The Coutts World Silk Card is limited to the UK citizens only.



For average citizens, credit cards are a means of either getting by when money is tight or a method of making extra purchases from time to time. But for the ultra-wealthy, credit cards come with power and some very nice perks. However, getting access to these perks isn’t easy! It takes a lot of money and a whole lot of social status.