Earth’s 6 Most Luxurious Movie Theaters And Where They Are Located

Despite of the convenience of home theater systems and a cozy couch in your media/living room, there is still no replacement for the movie theater experience.

With screening rooms, projection screens, outdoor movies and local film events, looking for unique experience can be difficult.  If you’re looking for the best place to enjoy two hours of cinematic bliss, we’ve got a few ideas.  Whether you like arthouse, black-and-white, B-movie bonanzas or the most luxurious assigned-seating theater, this list has it all.


Here are the most luxurious movie theaters and classic cinemas on the planet:


Urania National Film Theater – Budapest, Hungary



Urania National Film Theater was transformed from a music and dance hall into a sophisticated theater in 1899. As a result it has become the most prestigious cinema in Budapest.   It tends to host many outstanding film festivals and international film events.



Cineteca Matadero – Madrid, Spain



There are two things which make the Cineteca stand out among all of the cinemas in the Spanish capital.  First, it’s the only theater in Spain devoted exclusively to non-fiction films.  Secondly, the cinema’s interior of metal mesh and tube lighting are so unique and striking.



Cinepolis Luxury Cinemas – La Costa, California



Cinepolis Luxury Cinemas is a upscale theater that showcases all the current movie releases. Moviegoers can relax in plush leather electric reclining seats.   Enjoy specialty coffee drinks, gourmet finger foods and a bar menu.



Raj Mandir Cinema – Jaipur, India



Raj Mandir is the place to go to see a Bollywood film in India. Most noteworthy feature of this cinema theater its unique design.  It seems like a resemblance of a huge pink cream cake.  Also it has a meringue-shaped auditorium and a circular foyer.



Amante Beach Club Cinema – Ibiza, Spain



Perched on a cliff overlooking the Sol D’en Serra Bay, the beach club is surrounded by dramatic rocks and greenery.   What makes this an extraordinary experience is hearing the sound of the waves breaking in the background.   Another feature of this cinema is you can get a tan and splash in the water, before enjoying the movies on their private beach.



Tempur Cinema – Seaoul, South Korea



At the Tempur Cinema, each person gets their own Tempur lounger. Keep in mind since each seat is a lounger and are in grouped in sets of 2.  As a result they don’t sell single seats because loungers are grouped in sets of two in each partitioned area.



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