Bed & Brew: World’s Top Luxury Hotels for Beer Lovers

If you’re a wine drinker, you probably know to head to Napa Valley in California for a great winery weekend at a quaint bed and breakfast.

But what if beer is your choice of drink? Turns out there are hotels that cater to your tastes as well.


Hotel and a brewery under one roof?  Yes, you heard that right!  You won’t have to leave the building to make a beer run or sneak a few brown-bagged bottles into these lodgings.



So pack your drinking pants! Here are the five best luxurious hotels for people who truly love beer:


Kerry Hotel – Shanghai, China



First of all, this luxury hotel offers plenty of drinking opportunities for froth enthusiasts. Sampling their craft beer and cider from their resident brew-master at the hotel bar or tour the onsite microbrewery.



Hotel Brovaria – Poznan, Poland



Hotel Brovaria has 21-rooms located at Poznan’s Old Town Market.  This hotel boasts an onsite microbrewery and offers a beer-themed stay complete with tour.  Hence, you will enjoy their beer bites, signature pils, honey beer and more.



The Old Cannon – Bury St Edmunds, United Kingdom



Another is The Old Cannon brewery, which is a restaurant and seven-room B&B.   As a result you have the opportunity to taste froth-inspired sustenance like Old Cannon Beer-Battered Atlantic Cod and Beef & Best Bitter Bangers.



Augustine Hotel – Prague, Czech Republic



Similarly the Augustine hotel in the heart of Prague boasts a 13th-century monastery once used by Augustinian monks. Eat veal shank braised in St. Thomas beer at their Elegantes Restaurant.  Hit the spa for a St. Thomas Beer Body Ritual.  Be exfoliated with ground organic beer hops, while hydrating with monk beer and massaged.



Hotel Weierich – Bamberg, Bavaria



Hotel Weierich is another hotel and restaurant that offers a unique beer program by Bamberg’s Germany Beer Academy. Probably you would enjoy the seminars including a nine-beer tasting dinner (of traditional Bavarian foods).  There is also another perk an official graduation diploma.



Hof Beverland – Ostbevern, Germany



Finally, Hof Beverland offers an unusual experience.  You’re invite to sleep in an actual 19th-century beer barrel and relax in a beer-barrel sauna.



As beer tourism is becoming big business, more hotels are adding on-site breweries and distilleries. This seems like an experience noteworthy of thought while earning your sharePoints at PalmPons.  Earn even more towards points for likes, shares and mentions on social media.