REVEALED – Five Most Exclusive Airport Lounges in the World!

Just when you think first- and business-class fliers are living it up in the air, wait until you see the new trend travelers are enjoying before they even get on the plane.  


Big travelers spend their time at the airport in the pampered comfort of private airline lounges – while the rest of us drink our coffee in waiting area.


These luxury airport lounges offer fine dining, spa treatments, private cabanas, and lots, yes, lots of Champagne while waiting to board.



Here are the world’s exclusive airport lounges that offer most outstanding preflight experiences:



Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse – John F. Kennedy International Airport





Lounge guests can enjoy complimentary cocktails before evening flights, fun and games in the entertainment zone, and a semi-formal dining in the brasserie area. The Clubhouse spa treatments range from hair styling to facials to massages.



Singapore Airlines Silver Kris Lounge – Singapore Changi Airport 





There are two private rooms for naps and abundance of luxe armchairs for guests to settle into. But the main highlight of this exclusive airport lounge is the high-end dining options which make it quite easy to enjoy a five-course meal. There’s also a well-stocked buffet with a multitude of small plates for smaller meals.



Star Alliance International Lounge – Los Angeles International Airport





Its unique feature is that the lounge is LEED Gold Certified, which is most evident in the lounge’s reliance on natural light rather than artificial. It boasts a rooftop area with a view of the Hollywood Hills and the L.A. skyline. The other main attraction is an indoor bar with a large adjacent balcony that overlooks the airport terminals.



Emirates First Class Lounge – Dubai International Airport





Emirates’ First-Class Lounge in Dubai has the distinction of being the largest first-class lounge in the world. Its best feature is that passengers can board flights directly from the lounge rather than having to exit and go to the gate. It also offers dozens of seating areas, duty-free shops, restaurants, showers, a cigar bar and even a wine cellar to help travelers find the perfect bottle.



Qantas First Lounge – Sydney Airport





Sydney’s Qantas International First Lounge’s design is chic and allows the space to feel open yet private. The restaurant serves a menu designed by celebrated chef Neil Perry, and the spa feature treatment rooms outfitted with living walls of greenery.



Spa, luxurious bedrooms, cinema and fine dining restaurants will keep you company while waiting for your flight if you are staying in one of the places featured in this article.   Even if you haven’t reached your destination yet, the new breed of airport lounges are proving that the vacation can begin long before you set foot on a plane.