Where to Sail: World’s 5 Best River Cruises

To many travelers, a picture of blue waters, huge ship lumbering from one tropical island to another is what pops up in their mind. That’s how familiar most are with cruise ships, but how familiar are you with river cruise lines?



Boats for these cruises are typically much smaller and more intimate. It’s perfect for any travelers who might not be into big waves and prefer a slow and settle cruising. Don’t underestimate river cruises because they’re just as popular with travelers today. River cruises are another perfect platform for traveling that will take you to see more exotic and interesting sites of the globe.



But with all the rivers in the world, how do you know which river cruise is best for your travel? Scroll down for an overview of the best river cruises in the world:



River Nile Cruise





A cruise is one of the best ways to experience Egypt and all of its famous ancient sites. There are over 400 cruise ships that operates in the Nile River that travelers can choose from. Meals are typically already included in the cruise price but not all excursions and amenities. The Nile River cruise lasts between three and seven days and travels between Luxor and Aswan.



Danube River Cruise





Danube River is the second longest river in Europe that passes through nine different countries – Austria, Bulgaria Croatia, Hungary, Germany, Ukraine, Serbia, Romania and Slovakia. The cruise can last from one day to a week or even longer and take travelers past castles and dramatic fortresses.



Kerala Backwaters Cruise





Kerala Backwaters Cruise is perfect for travelers wanting to experience the beauty of India’s Kerala area. Cruisers can live life like the locals and enjoy the fresh water from the rivers mixing with the saltwater from the Arabian Sea. Travelers have the options of different boats – the famous kettuvallams or motorized thatched-roof boats.



Mississippi River Cruise





The mighty Mississippi River is the fourth longest river in the world. Many of the cruise ships are to look like old-fashioned paddle-wheel steamboats which gives travelers the feeling of traveling back in time. Depending on your itinerary, cruises can range from as short as few hours to three weeks or longer.



Mekong River Cruise





The Mekong River runs through Vietnam, China, Laos, Burma, Cambodia and Thailand. Cruising down the Mekong River will give travelers that interesting blend of modern cities and floating villages from the past experience. A Mekong River cruise is one of the best ways to see the real Asia.



And now that you’ve seen where you can go by riverboat, it might not hurt to give river cruise a try. See the beautiful and scenic rivers of the world as they are fast becoming the top choice for travelers.