The Most High-Priced Spa Treatments

Forget about the most expensive travel destinations because what is life without a luxurious pampered spa treatment? While many of us crave a luxury getaway, others splurge on some serious (which means prices on a whole another level) luxe relaxation.


We all need to de-stress or loosen up from time to time.  What a better way to indulge than to enjoy a exclusive hotel spa treatment that will surely be worth the money spent.



TREATMENT: Trump Hotel Heated Diamond Chakra Massage for $300





The name for this treatment says it all. Diamonds (yes, real diamonds). You have two options of diamonds or emeralds to apply to chakra points to ‘soak up’ all negative energy and leave you feeling soothed and calm.



TREATMENT: Waldorf Chicago Elysian Cleanse for $400





Savor a luxurious full-body detox that involves seaweed wrap, marine mineral rejuvenation and a deep tissue massage that will leave your entire body revitalized. This treatment provides body exfoliation, eye and scalp treatment and facial.



TREATMENT: UMO Skin Clinic London Gold Facial for $500





This facial treatment uses 24-carat gold and a Gamma PGA compound. The utilization of gold promises incredible outcome of hydration, to actively restore skin tone, texture and elasticity.



TREATMENT: Radiance Spa San Francisco Grand Luxe Facial for $750





This facial treatment utilizes micro current beauty magic that will tighten the facial muscles and reduce fine lines. Starts off with an intense massage, the $750 worth of pampering promises to remove dead skin cells, blackheads, whiteheads and clears up rosacea and red sports. The luxury treatment will leave your skin feeling refreshed with their diamond peel and a pure caviar and omega 6 mask.



TREATMENT: 20-Hands Duo Massage for $4,000





20-Hands Duo massage is literally 20 hands massaging you. Your spa experiences will never be the same after enjoying these 100 fingers massaging you from head-to-toe! This three-step treatment for couples begins with an hour of hydrotherapy, then foot soak and pressure-point foot massage, and finally, a “hula wave” as 10 therapists circle them and massaging them with their ’20 hands’.



TREATMENT: Hotel Viktor Miami Beach Evian Bath for $5,000




The lounge in the tub consists of 1000 liters of Evian water which makes it the world’s most expensive bath. Aside from enjoying the revitalizing mineral water bath, you can also enjoy champagne and gourmet snacks and chocolates while illuminating your skin.



Spas – they really are heaven on earth. At least, that’s how you’ll feel after leaving these mind-blowing treatments. So, if being spoiled is your thing, create your free share account at PalmPons where you can earn points and cashback for likes, shares and mentions on social media and plan your visit to a relaxing spa like one of these luxurious spas today!