Double Beds in the Sky: Which Airlines Sell Them?

In case you haven’t heard about double beds in the sky, then you are missing out. A comfortable double bed (meaning you can sleep with your legs straight) on a commercial aircraft is the next best thing.


Singapore Airlines was clever enough to have inaugurated its A380 Singapore Suites back in 2007 with an investment of $850 million dollars for the latest luxury and quality sleeps in the sky. It brought good news for passengers to another world of flying. The trend of cozy double beds – new suites that look more like hotel rooms than airline cabins.


As the travel trend rises, not only Singapore Airlines offer the magnificence of flying but other airlines joined the advancement as well.


Here’s the few other exceptional choices to choose from:



Qatar’s Qsuite Double Bed





Qatar Airways introduced its first new A350-1000 aircraft with the Qsuite at the end of last year but had been postponed until February of this year because of the complex seat configuration.


The Qsuites feature seats that convert to lie-flat beds and can be closed off from the aisle by sliding privacy doors. For couples traveling together, two seats of Qsuites can be combined into a single pod by lowering the privacy divider. Qsuites cabin also features a quad-option that allows four suites to be combined into a shared space for up to four people traveling together.



Singapore Airline’s A380 Business Class





Your world just got bigger with the new A380 business class suite. Due to the high public demand for double beds in the sky, the suites offer passengers privacy of a hotel-style cabin complete with wardrobes, mood lighting and their own bathrooms (no shower included).


The new Singapore Airlines A380 business class is similar to Qatar Airways’ Qsuite which sees select seat pairs in the middle of the plane converted into bed protected by privacy panels.



Etihad’s The Residence




Etihad’s brand-new A380 is the first of its kind suite that will set you back for more than $20,000 one-way on a 14-hour flight from Sydney to Abu Dhabi.


The space for The Residence is quite roomy for an airplane. It is divided into three rooms: the living room, the bedroom and the bathroom.


The living room has seating for two, an extra-wide ottoman and a 32-inch tv.


The private bathroom includes a small shower stall that will give you five minutes of water.


Though the bed is a bit smaller, there is a second tv in the bedroom that will let you watch movies and tv shows or tract your flight from the bed.



Bottom line is, there are these airlines that caters for passengers on long flights and will probably look more luxurious than your own apartment but considering the enormous price each flight – some would just want to stick with standard seats.