Social Media Likes Can Avoid Unused Miles

Do you have piled up airline miles that go unused, consider using social media likes to earn points toward travel on flights.   Avoid blackout dates which cause more hassle than what free travel is really worth.  Also check out the useful tips on getting the most our of unused miles you may have.




Instead of cashing out your travel points, consider getting a gift card for a store where you usually shop. You’ll get more bang for your buck and can turn in 10,000 points for a $100 shopping gift card instead of just $50 in cash.



Most travel rewards require a minimum number of points before you can turn them to cash or travel credit, if you’re going to pay a ticket out-of-pocket, charge it to your travel rewards card first. In that case, you get extra points for booking on the preferred airline (more points for future travel or cash back).



Also, consider upgrading to first class. Paying cash for a domestic flight is usually better than using miles or redeeming your miles for cash. If you’ve never flown first class, this is your chance to live the high life for free. Enjoy the perks like no charge for checked bags, access to new movies and that extra legroom and free drinks! But, don’t use your point to upgrade your ticket to first class if you’re flying under 3 hours long, it’s like using your upgrade for nothing and it’s really not worth it. Save it for an international flight when being comfortable is needed.



Though each service works a bit differently, some mileages are harder to redeem and some are not. At PalmPons, we make it easy to earn rewards by using social media likes.  You can earn points for each share and mention you perform on social media through our social rewards platform.  Its a great alternative than the complexity and hassle of using travel points from airlines that have strict guidelines and confusing blackout dates.