Rooms with Stunning Sights! The World’s Best Panoramic View Hotels

Nothing beats a vacation with a panoramic view of the entire place. And besides, nobody wants a hotel room with the sight of an empty rooftop or a parking lot.


Breathtaking sceneries and the change of environment are probably the main reasons why we go visit different places. And if you dream of a fancy stay and savor the experience longer, these hotels offers spectacular views right from your room.


Mykonos Blu – Greece


Mykonos Blu–Greece



The five-star Waterfront Bungalow offers guests dramatic sea views from a romantic bed, draped in filmy voile, along with a stucco ceiling with cloud effects giving it the Cycladic sky indoors. This architecture sits atop with its own private brilliant view of the sparkling Aegean Sea.



Post Ranch Inn – Big Sur, California



Post Ranch Inn–Big Sur-California



A view exposing to the ocean, this adults’ only hotel nestled on the cliffs of Big Sur in California. The Mountain House rooms provide views of the Santa Lucia mountain peaks and overlooks the Pacific from the bath, terrace and bed.



The Omnia – Zermatt, Switzerland



The Omnia–Zermatt-Switzerland



A car-free village is known for its breathtaking surroundings and a popular base for skiing and mountaineering. The luxury ski lodge offers an unforgettable experience – guests enter through a cave, hop into an elevator and the rise through the 150 feet of rock. The upper floor suite provides grand views of the most awe-inspiring scenery.



Caesar Augustus Hotel – Anacapri, Italy






The luxury Hotel Caesar Augustus combines modern conveniences with the most captivating aspects of ancient Roman architecture. Set atop a cliff towering 1,000 feet above the Bay of Naples on the island of Capri, each of the hotels’ terraces offers sweeping views over the entire bay and the neighboring island.



Belmond Sanctuary Lodge – Machu Picchu, Peru



Belmond Sanctuary Lodge–MachuPicchu-Peru



The Belmond Sanctuary Lodge requires a four-hour trek by train and bus to reach, or if you’re adventurous enough, a 5-day journey on foot via the old Inca trail will get you to the hotel that is located within the 15th -century ancient Incan site. Their Mountain View Rooms offer incomparable views of the looming peaks of Huayna Picchu and the Urubamba River valley.



Jade Mountain – St. Lucia



Jade-Mountain–St. Lucia



A magical setting that overlooks the sparkle of the Caribbean Sea and St. Lucia’s Piton World Heritage site with its spectacular mountains, this five-star luxury resort offers an exclusive, intimate adults-only retreat for an ultimate romantic escape. Each guest room suite features an open floor plan providing breathtaking sea and mountain views.



Regardless of how you identify the most scenic hotels, keep in mind to travel with your greatest pleasure. It’s never too late to encounter the awe-inspiring scenery in the world. Go a little out of your budget and savor your stay with breathtaking views.



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