World’s Top Food Museums You Didn’t Know Existed | Food and History

For all the hardcore foodies who love to eat and take food selfies, food museums are probably the first ones in their bucket lists. Food is one of the interesting ways to learn about one’s culture or history.  Check out these beautifully designed food museums as they give us the taste of world’s different culinary cultures:





Frietmuseum – Bruges, Belgium


Considering the origin of french fries, Friestmuseum in Belgium is dedicated to present the visitors the history of this tasty snack. With around 400 ancient items on display, this museum exhibits facts about potato and fries. Free french fries sample to end your visit!





Spam Museum – Austin Minnesota


According to its website, “the SPAM Museum is dedicated to the delicious meat first created at the Hormel Foods Corporation plant in 1937.” The museum has World War II memorabilia as it’s known for the era’s diet and culture. The cool part about this museum is visitors can also “can spam” themselves and put their Spam knowledge to test.






Kimchi Field Museum – Seoul, South Korea


This is the only food museum in South Korea and even has a library filled with books to help visitors gain insight to making the traditional Korean fermented side dish.






The Big Mac Museum – Irwin, Pennsylvania



The franchised branch in Pennsylvania was remodeled in 2007 and became the Big Mac Museum. The location of the museum is where McDonald’s most iconic sandwich was first sold.






Deutsches Currywurst Museum – Berlin, Germany


The German version of mainly sliced, fried pork sausage swimming in a curry-tomato sauce. This museum have interactive exhibits that allows visitors to sniff out their favorite variety and a game that offers guests the chance to prepare their own version of the dish.






Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum – Shiojiri, Japan


The first floor of the Ramen Museum is the historical exhibition of the traditional bowls while the lower level is where all the food come to life. Guests can explore a street-style replica circa 1958, the year when the world’s first instant ramen was invented.





Museum of Prosciutto di Parma – Langhirano, Italy


The museum will take you on through gastronomic history of ham and its origins. It allows visitors to reconstruct the production process and learn about the Consortium of safeguard that guarantees its quality. You’ll be rewarded in the end (of what you came for) – Prosciutto tasting.






The JELL-O Gallery Museum – Le Roy, New York


Fans of America’s favorite fruit-flavored gelatin dessert was first invented by a carpenter in the town of Le Roy, New York in 1897. It displays all the colorful memorabilia, vintage advertisements, toys, recipe books, etc.



Not mentioned are other food museums out there that celebrate food and owning its history and cultural influences. And we’re lucky enough to preserve and share information to the next generation about how various foods are (historically) produced.









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