The Drunken Cheese | Aged Italian Cheese That Will Get You Boozy

Italians are known to be one of the best cheesemakers in the world. Who knew that combining the most paired Italian favorites will make a gourmet flavor? Traditional pasteurized cheese bathed in wine, it’s like you get the best of both worlds in one bite!





Ubriaco Prosecco cheese immersed in gallons of Prosecco wine to infuse flavors



The word Ubriaco came from its own making process, drunken. This exquisite cheese is made from the Veneto region in Northern Italy. Like Parmigianino, Ubriaco develops a firm and crumbly texture as it ages. Matured for 2 months and some to rarely over a year and is soaked in gallons of Prosecco wine, this seasonal product is mostly available from late fall through early summer.



This delicacy has complex flavor and best served, obviously, with a glass of Prosecco or aged red wine. The entire cheese wheel can cost up to €100 to €200.



Coming from an old family of cheese merchants, Antonio Carpenedo and his sons Ernesto and Alessandro, are the devoted owners of the factory La Casearia Carpenedo. Drunken cheese was born in 1976 in Northern Treviso, but the process was first introduced in the years of World War 1.



During World War 1, local farmers used to hide their harvests from the hands of some hungry soldiers in barrels of wine. In this attempt, farmers discovered that the whole cheeses they kept for a long period of time developed the aromas and gave the cheese a whole lot of new flavors. This very situation gave birth to the process of drunken cheese.



This family-owned factory makes 15 types of drunken cheese immersed in different type of wines – red, white and of course, Prosecco. Their most popular selling item is the “Ubriaco di Raboso”, which is made with a local wine.





The most popular selling cheese that is made with local red wine.



The family of cheesemakers perfected the “drunken” technique and process that the factory now makes over 20,000 cheese wheels per year. The successful factory owner exports all their products all over the world and opened a stall at Borough Market in London.



Today’s technique adapted the results of making errors and perfecting the process over the years. All those time spent for trial and preserving a glorious invention. After all, good things are worth the wait. Let’s get drunken!



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