White Truffles – Why Is This Earthy Delicacy So High Demand?

Hail to the “diamond of the kitchen”. Trifola d’Alba Madonna also known as the famous winter white truffle is one of the most expensive and rare earthy flavor.

Adding to its monetary value, white truffles elevates dishes to luxurious experience.


Big Italian white truffles (Tuber Magnatum) on hand. Festivals a



How much are fresh truffles?

The biggest white truffles ever found was sold for $330,000 at an auction in 2007 that only weighed 1.5kg. There are several reasons for this level of expense, but it all begins with its alluring aroma and intense flavor that will have you experience the extraordinary on the palate.


A 4.16 pounds white truffle was sold at a Sotheby’s auction for a bargain price (yes, bargain) of $61,250 to a phone bidder in China.


The winter white truffle is the most valuable and highly esteemed in French and Italian market that it costs about $6,000 to $10,000 per pound. Prices may vary year-to-year based on availability and demands. A less expensive option for truffles are white summer and black winter and summer truffles.



White Truffle Hunting


White truffles, also called as Alba truffles are named after the region of its origin. The white truffles are not easy to locate and only found in the countryside of Alba. They produce an aromatic scent that is instinctively attractive to trained dogs and pigs.



In 1980s, using pigs was banned because of damages caused in the hunting process. Now, the hunters rely instead on specifically trained dogs to find truffles.



This particular earthy substance can only be hunted and harvest in such a short glorious period of season, typically October through December.



Why are they so valuable in the culinary world?



Winter white truffles are the most highly valued item in the market because they only grow in very specific kinds of soil and inside tree roots that you can’t just plant them in your backyard. Their growth is a result of a climate change. Alba, Italy, is blessed enough to have these specific locations where these gems can grow.



White Truffle Macaroni, Madeira, and Parmesan



A sophisticated French restaurant located in Boston called Mistral Bistro promotes their finest ingredient – truffles. Chef and owner Jamie Mammano is fortunate enough to have possession of fresh white truffles to be tossed on traditional macaroni on her menu. Elevating the old-fashioned elbow-shaped pasta with truffle butter, over Madeira sauce, and of course, sprinkled with truffle shavings.



So, whether you’re a chef, runs a competitive restaurant, owns a luxury hotel or just an amateur cook from home that is willing to pay for who knows to what extent for a fresh Alba truffle, there is only one thing to prove here… and that is truffle will blow your wallet (and palate).



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