Wine Etiquette 101 – What You Need to Master

We all probably experienced feeling hesitant to order wine at a restaurant because we can’t
pronounce the name of the wine or just simply because we don’t know how to properly handle the class that comes with it.




It’s so important to practice and become familiar with wine etiquettes because who knows? It can be useful in any situations like your friend’s formal party or business meetings or perhaps your first fancy dinner date (you don’t want to ruin that!).



Closeup on winemaker smelling red wine in glass


Wine enthusiast shares advice based on their collective experience on proper behavior – the do’s and don’ts you need to master with ordering, pairing and drinking the right wine.







Find a Match | Pairing Food and Wine



In a real world, we eat what we like and we drink what we like. Unfortunately, in the world of wine, that’s not how it works. We need to follow some guidelines with pairing food and wine, I guess to make dining better.


Here are some tips you should know about pairing:


Acid needs acid. Any food that has high acidic level to it will pair really good with citrusy white wine.


Tannins need fat. Food with fat like ribeye steak will need bold flavored red wine like Cabernet.


Heat needs sweet. If you order something that has a little kick to it, you’re going to want to pair it with something light, slightly sweet white wine.



Salty needs bubble. Sparkling wine will add new flavors and balance out the saltiness of the food.







Hold Your Wine Glass, The Correct Way.


Holding your wine glass with proper etiquette will make you look socially trained and accepted, specially in high society. Truth is, we live in the world where holding your wine glass in any way you like is not acceptable.


Grip at the base. Hold your wine glass by the stem. Why? There are couple reasons why we follow these standards. Experts says, the wine gets to keep its desired temperature longer. And no greasy handprints on the bowl for a social appearance (of, course). You’ll get lucky if the glass is stemless because that, you can hold like a normal drinking glass but still have to hold towards the base.


Try to always drink from the same position on your wine glass. You don’t want mouth or lipstick marks all over as if you’re sharing your glass.


Cheers! Clink glasses bell to bell to reduce the chances of splashing wine and breaking the fragile point of the glass.



Even a single wine glass serving has rule! Some bars and restaurants are set to have their
standard pour to 4 to 5 ounces. 6, when you get a generous pour. When you happen to be
serving your own bottle, try to keep the portions at the same level as your guests.



Reality is, even drinking and pairing wine takes learning. Open a bottle and start practicing your etiquettes and drink with class! With all the fine dining you will be doing as a results of the rewards you earn with PalmPons and cashing in those sharePoints, these tips will come in handy.  As you get familiar with different wines, you’ll become more comfortable and confident dining out.



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