Food Meets Luxury – The World’s Most Expensive Dishes

Does Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse’s Tomahawk Ribeye Steak for $115 expensive to you? Well, get ready to get jaw dropped with some of the world’s unbelievably expensive food.

When you think about it, a regular household can buy their one month’s worth of grocery for a little over a hundred dollars. But did you ever wonder how those people can eat at a fancy restaurant?  Let alone, a piece of small-cut meat on their plate? Well simply because…they can!








Do you think a $7.99 medium pizza will taste different from a $1000 pizza? Remember what they say, “you get what you pay for”. Nino’s Bellissima Pizza in New York has a unique taste for pizza toppings. For a jaw dropping price and mouth watering $1000 pizza, you can get a Crème Fraiche base and four types of caviar with lobster tail goodness, topped with salmon roe and wasabi.









The grapes that are about the size of a ping-pong ball were sold at an auction in 2011 in Kanazawa, Japan. Each bunch has 25 grapes and cost about $255.









In a relaxed restaurant in Manchester, Opus One has the world’s most expensive pancakes that’s layered with highly priced seafood – lobster, caviar and truffles, finished with Dom Perignon Rose hollandaise sauce for a whopping price of $1,300.









For about the same price, ranging around $1000, this plain bagel is topped with an Alba white truffle cream cheese by Chef Frank Tujague. It is only available for a limited time to be sold and raise funds for culinary school scholarships.




european white truffles




Truffles makes everything taste incredibly good. European white truffles are the most valuable item on Italian market. Edible truffles are very highly esteemed in French and Italian cuisine. This strong-smelling, rough-skinned potato like fungus cost about $3,600 per pound.








If you think you already have the highest-end liquor in your top shelf? Check twice. Pasion Azteca Ultra Platinum Tequila is made of 8 pounds of platinum and white-gold bottle that is covered with 6,400 diamonds. Organic limes and gourmet salt is recommended.








Priced at $1,978, the world’s most expensive sushi is sold in the Philippines (surprisingly not in Japan). Not your ordinary sushi roll because this five-piece special nigiri roll is made with edible 24-karat gold leaf, topped with caviar, diamonds and Mikimoto pearls.








Now would you spend $25,000 to satisfy your sweet tooth? Serendipity 3’s Frrrozen Haute Chocolate won the world’s most expensive dessert. Fused with 5 grams of edible 23-karat gold served in a crystal goblet, this beverage combines 28 exotic cocoas. Enjoy this chocolaty sweetness with a gold spoon covered in white and chocolate-covered diamonds.




Well maybe, just maybe, when you win the PowerBall lottery or perhaps your retirement money, you can afford something like these. But if you want to expand your culinary journey, you might want to start saving up your PalmPons sharePoints for these ridiculously expensive foods, instead of stick with tacos.  Join us today by becoming a member!



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