Get Rewards for Likes, Shares, and Mentions on Social Media

Every day you log in on to your social media accounts and find yourself spending hours just scrolling down through your social media feed.


After staring at a screen for what seemed like the whole day, you really didn’t accomplish much aside from those countless “likes” you hit, or the cute video of that singing cat you “shared” on your page, or the many “mentions” you did to interact with your online friends. But, what if you find out that the Likes, Shares, and Mentions on your social media account can earn you cash or rewards? At PalmPons, you start earning rewards points as soon as you sign up!



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This kind of online marketing is most commonly used by a lot of popular celebrities we follow online. It has been reported, for example, that realty TV star Khloe Kardashian who has more than 24 Million Twitter followers gets paid at least $13,000 per tweet! Another marketing agency called the Mobile Media Lab partners with social media users with a minimum of 1,000 followers to post products and services on their social media accounts in exchange of a fee.




However, unlike the Kardashians, not all social media users have a massive social media following. Heck, even reaching 100 followers isn’t easy! The good news it, you don’t have to be a social media celebrity to enjoy PalmPons. PalmPons is unique because it’s the only online rewards website that doesn’t discriminate based on your social media followers. The whole thing is very simple: you find a “snippet” (an online page of a product) on the PalmPons website, share it on your Facebook or Twitter page, then instantly get rewards for sharing it from their website, it couldn’t be simpler!





Just when you think it couldn’t get any easier than this, PalmPons won’t ask you to spend any money – it’s completely free to sign up and free to use the share program. Rewards system is a very common way for companies to attract new clients. A good example of this is how credit card companies promise rewards or cash rebates to its customers. Unfortunately, the problem with this is that it always comes with a catch which requires you to spend more money, plus it comes with terms and conditions that can be very confusing. The truth is, people want to earn rewards and cash for financial betterment and guilt free spending, so there is no reason to get yourself in debt just to achieve these goals.




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Create a share account and the items available on the website under the (Share Snippets button) and share the products you love via Facebook or Twitter and you’re on your way to redeeming more rewards and cash. And soon, that next shopping spree, dinner at a fancy restaurant, or trip to your dream vacation spot will be on us!




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