Does frequently posting on social media drive more traffic?

Social media has become a very important part of any digital marketing campaign. Understanding the different uses of social media for your particular industry is key when investing time and resources into your online marketing.



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When it comes to eCommerce, businesses are always fighting to get as many possible visitors to their online store.  However, using your own social network as your only source of online marketing may not correlate to increased revenue  for your online business.



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Instead, it is essential to tap into influencer’s social networks in order to get the most out of your post.  When looking to get more visitors to your online store, you want to be able to reach as many people as possible in a single post. If you only have a few thousands of followers on your social networks, you are not going to reach the potential buyers it will take to make a difference no matter how often you are posting about your products. Instead, you can tap into an influencer’s social networks. These influencers at times can have followers who could turn into potential buyers of your products.  Raising the revenue to your online store or increasing traffic.




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There are agencies online that will match you up with the right influencers who can bring this traffic to your online stores. Tap Influence is a great example of a social media agency that has successfully linked many businesses and influencers together. These partnerships allow businesses to get their product in front of millions of new eyes while the influencer is compensated for their posts. This win-win situation has been changing the way businesses look at social networking. Posting hundreds of times to your own social network will
not be as effective as utilizing the social network of popular and even famous influencers around the world. You could also connect your item or content to the “social swarm
on PalmPons.  Its a large group of social users that earn points for sharing your content, videos, or online store items with their friends, this gives you an organic reach
and is affordable, and depending on the content you are promoting, free.








Whether you are trying to build your online store, subs on YouTube or drive more traffic to your blog you should never underestimate the power of working with influencers. They will be able to help spread your products virally. When you post your product on a social network, time is of the essence. There are less than ten minutes before your post becomes dormant on these ever-changing networks. You need to get people sharing your posts quickly. Influencers can help you get the likes and shares you need on your product’s post quickly due to the massive amounts of people exposed to your amazing products.




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