Why We Dread Monday’s?!?!

Dreading Mondays has long been a cliché in our culture. Countless songs, posters and now memes make it clear that hatred of Mondays is fairly universal and eminently relatable. Even those of us who love our jobs often share the dread of the new week.

What’s behind this existential fear? If we enjoy our work and our colleagues it can’t simply be due to employment-related reasons.


Portrait of tired young business woman with laptop computer.


Not Fulfilled Secularly


There are many people who strongly dislike their career or job, and Mondays tend to be the hardest for those people.  They feel that they must drag themselves back to a place they dislike week after week.  Even if they are constantly looking for work, it’s not always easy to find in this economy so they are stuck in their job until something else comes along.  Since that can take time, they have a difficult time returning to work on Monday.


Business man balancing work and private life. Weighing priorities in life.


Not Enough Time


One of the problems is that the weekend often feels like it’s just too short. There’s not much time for relaxation as well as  spending time with our loved ones. Sometimes we’ve had to save up chores and errands because many businesses are not open in the evenings.
The sense that there just isn’t enough time for everything we want to do means that we often feel shortchanged when Monday arrives.


View of crying man with no money


Not Enough Dinero

The cost of entertainment is also prohibitive. Many of us are paid on Friday and it’s possible to spend too much money that night, leaving us broke on Monday morning.   Then we have to work through the rest of the week until payday arrives again.
This is also an issue with budgeting but for those of us who do not make a great deal of money, one weekend of entertainment will leave us destitute until the next paycheck arrives.


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Maximize Your Time and Money


Here are some helpful suggestions:


For dinner and drinks, invite your friends over, pick up some bottles of wine at the grocery store and see what they have available in ready-cooked deli meals.  This gives you more bang for your buck than a night out on the town.


Time is precious, and planning errands for the mornings will save your evenings for relaxation.  A little forward planning will go a long way to ensure the weekend truly belongs to you.


Use reward points accrued from credit card purchases and online reward programs for getaways, and offset spending.  PalmPons offers a great rewards alternative with no purchases necessary and sign-up is free, learn more about how 1000’s of social users are leveraging PalmPons rewards to have exciting weekend’s.


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