Five Tips for Reaching New Etsy Customers

Etsy is one of the most fun eCommerce websites to visit. Handmade items from thousands of shops are on display.  However, if you’re one of the many shops on this site, it can be understandably hard to stand out from the crowd and gain new customers.




In order to attract more customers to your shop, it’s wise to implement the following practices into your business routine.






1. Brand Ambassadors


Brand ambassadors are usually public figures who have amassed a following online. Whether it’s an Instagram model with millions of followers or a YouTube personality who has been filming for years, find someone who lines up with your company’s brand for an authentic fit. Find out what your ideal ambassador charges and pay them to promote your product.  PalmPons helps you connect with brand ambassadors for store owners on any budget, allowing you to reach more social users with your store items organically.



2. Active Social Media Presence


As an online business, it’s important to be present on social media. Create a Facebook business page and run Facebook ads on a consistent basis. Use Twitter and Google+ to share updates, specials and sales. Use Snapchat and Instagram to share behind-the-scene footage of daily operations and how much heart and soul goes into the company process.



3. Strong SEO


Search engine optimization strategies may not lead to immediate sales. This strategy is a slow boiling one. However, when it comes to a boil, you’ll get continuous traffic. Do a good amount of keyword research to figure out which ones you should use with each post, video or picture on social media.






4. Incentives, Contests and Giveaways


One way a lot of people attract new patrons involves incentives. This is a great way to get a quick turnaround and increase the following quickly. Tell your current customers that you’re hosting a giveaway and in order to enter, they need to tag a few friends in a specific post on social media, subscribe to the email list and whatever else you want them to do. Make sure the gift is great so your current following will be motivated to enter.  PalmPons rewards platform helps you incentivize social users for sharing your store items.  With a all in one cost we handle the distribution of incentives, saving you time that would normally require you to handle this added responsibility.



5. Stellar Products


Nothing reaches the masses like a good product. When people experience an amazing product, they’re more likely to share the good news with a friend. Word-of-mouth marketing is best because people will rely on the recommendations of people they already trust. While you should pay attention to marketing strategies like SEO, link-building and social media branding, don’t forget to create a product worth talking about.



Etsy will continue to be a great eCommerce platform for any handmade goods entrepreneur. In order to get your store to the forefront, it’s mainly important to remain strategic with how you gain traffic. The more traffic you receive, the more often people will purchase goods from your store.




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