Passthrough, the Reinvention of Traffic and Sales to your Online Store!

What if you could get already converted, ready to buy visitors to your eCommerce website or portal for a fraction of the cost of using other methods online? Would you be interested in learning more? I bet you would! More traffic creates opportunities for more sales and more sales equals more MONEY.





PalmPons Passthrough service allows businesses to leverage our platform to pass sales transactions and traffic to their website or other online portals.


As an example, say you have an Etsy or ebay store and you’d like to create a Snippet for some of your products, BUT you want the checkout process to happen on your website. This is where you would use the Passthrough service. Instead of the checkout taking place through our site, we would “pass the sale through” to your eCommerce store. So, how would this work?


First, you would need to create a Snippet on PalmPons dot com. If you aren’t sure what a Snippet is, we explain it here. While creating the Snippet, you will enter a destination URL of your choice for that specific item in the “Passthrough URL” field. As soon as someone selects “Purchase Snippet”, we will pass that interested buyer through to your designated portal or website to complete the purchase. In a sense, your Snippet becomes a mini-landing page to send converted visitors to your online store or portal ready to buy.




In order to start using the Passthrough service, a minimum of $35 is required. Each time the “Purchase Snippet” button is selected, a $.50 engagement fee is deducted from your account balance. If you don’t meet the minimum amount of $35 to get started, you can do that easily from your account as part of the Snippet creation process. To learn more or to get started, call us at 877-422-4646 or send an email to info at PalmPons dot com.

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