Ideas for Summerizing Your Deck or Patio

There are various ways in which you can design and furnish your deck (or patio) so that it adds beauty to the outdoor living. The deck is a crucial place that provides a sense of additional living space, and for that reason, it should be fitted with appropriate accessories in order to bring out the style and beauty required in a home.


Below are a few ideas that homeowners can use to make sure their deck or patio provides that extra comfort when they want to relax outside.


Select the right type of furniture: It should provide relaxation, accommodate heavy use, and withstand different weather conditions. The quality, appearance, and nature of the furniture plays a significant role in building a foundation for the rest of your décor furnishings. We love wicker furniture with waterproof fabric like this set from AE Outdoor:




Use accent pillows: Bright colored pillows should be used because they bring indoor style to the outside. Pillows are used as a form of decoration, and also serve as lounge area for visitors who want to recline on your deck or patio.


Add wall art: Think of your outside walls the same way you do inside the house. The art pieces used should bring personal touch, brightness and beauty. Try using some intriguing salvage pieces that are also weather-hardy like this one:




Plant flowers and other vegetation: A container garden will serve this purpose, especially if you’re working in a smaller space. It should have a mixture of different colors and textures to enhance visual interest. For ideas on plants, see our blog post on Exotic and Unique Plants to Grow in your Garden. Just add potting mix, water, and tuck in plants. If you’re the type of person who likes to change the décor often, try making your container garden portable by putting it on a rolling stand. As for the pot itself, you can personalize them by dry-brushing them with layers of acrylic paints and using various shapes and sizes.




Materials like wood and stone can really add character to the outdoor space. If you have a large enough deck or patio to accommodate a dining area, try using pieces like timber frame beams, brick pavers, and metal farmhouse style chairs to beautify your space. A rug can add some sparkle, while breaking up the dining space from the conversation area.




Install lights: Illumination on the deck allows it to be used even after sunset. The lights should be placed strategically around the deck to ensure there is sufficient lighting, not mention setting a mellow mood.


Elevate the deck: Your yard would be enhanced if the deck is slightly elevated. This feature adds dimension to your outdoor space that would otherwise appear flat. It gives the sense of having two different rooms and offers flexibility for entertaining. Try using three wide transition steps to achieve this look.


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