Exotic and Unique Plants to Grow in your Garden

Do you like to stand out in some way? Being creative does not have to be one dimensional, because you can express yourself in many ways, and gardening is one of them. Planting is viewed as a timely process, but it’s the beauty that makes them so intriguing.


The more unique the plant is, usually means the more intimidating it looks, but that’s what we want right?




For instance, The Blue Passion Flower is a true blue beauty, and you don’t have to do much with it. Peggy Wang from Buzzfeed.com, mentioned how the seeds are easy to deal with while in warm and moist soil.




The Purple Triple Datura is another exotic beauty that can thrive pretty much anywhere. These flowers would be great for the purple lovers out there, or anyone wanting a tropical nature scene.




If you want to take it up a notch, and add even more purple; The Black Bat Flower is stunning – you’ll definitely have people staring at her, or him. It was mentioned, however, that the seeds are pretty expensive, about $10, but it only takes a couple to spread. With these beauties, you’ll need to plant them in the middle of your garden as they’ll be the “crowning star.”




Broccoli anyone? That’s right! You can get the Broccoli Romanesco plant, which indeed looks like broccoli, except a cartoon version. It was described as a psychedelic looking plant, and what better description for it. This will give your nature scene a more edgy, but artsy look. Think of it as the graffiti of the garden, it’s just that bold. And yes, it’s edible!




The Hanging Heart Flower is another unique one that can beautify your garden. It blooms late spring and early summer, so if you need to add a little more pretty to your garden, this is a must. It has heart shaped petals that hang effortlessly from its stem. These are appropriate for those love birds out there, or anyone trying to impress a potential mate.


These plants are just a few of the many other exotic plants out there, and they’re not as intimidating as they appear. Although it will take patience and dedication in the growing process, the beauty of them makes it all worth it. Whether it’s the pricey bat flower or buying seeds in bulk, PalmPons sharePoints can easily be redeemed for cash. So try them out and let your garden be your creative outlet.

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