What are PalmPons Snippets?

Think of a Snippet as a digital flyer for our business partners’ products or services. A snippet is an online sample promoting a specific product or service.


Some Snippets promote products or services in general, while others offer special discounts.




How Can Business Owners Benefit from Using Snippets?

In order to create a Snippet, business owners will first need to have their company profile set up, which includes their official logo and all the important details about their company, such as their location, hours, description, and social media. When creating a Snippet, they have the option of discounting their product or service, offering it at regular full price, or including an incentive with the Snippet. For example, if someone decides to purchase a business’s Snippet, they can use part of the proceeds to donate to a cause they feel passionate about. In the description of the Snippet, the business owner can tell the potential customer where the money will go and what percentage will be donated.




Additionally, business owners can create as many Snippets as they’d like – perhaps they have a brand new product or service they want to test out or they have multiple locations and want to create individualized Snippets for each location – the choice is theirs.




The more Snippets they create, the more robust their online marketplace becomes, which means more options for their potential customers. It really gives businesses a chance to showcase their products or services to their local community. When users browse your Snippets, they can easily share them with their social networks and if they’re interested in purchasing the Snippet offering, they can buy directly through our platform. To learn more and to start creating your Snippets, email us at info at PalmPons dot com.

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