Fried Chicken – Still King of the South?

Fried chicken- honestly who doesn’t love it? It seems that fried chicken is popular with many people, regardless of their cultural, social, or ethnic background.




In the United States, especially in the South, fried chicken is a common staple; on Sundays in some areas, it is viewed as the biggest meal of the week, along with the common sides: potato salad, macaroni and cheese, collard greens, candied yams and the like.


Of course, not everyone likes to cook or may be able to cook fried chicken (as it’s challenging and messy), so some opt to eat out. They may choose to eat at a local fried chicken restaurant in their area or perhaps somewhere they have never been before.


Either way, there’s no shortage of selection: Fried chicken restaurants abound in the U.S. alone; there seems to be literally thousands of them, so it may be difficult to determine which ones are exclusively “The Best”. That can depend on individual tastes and attitudes, or on reviews made by popular food magazines or websites. But I think we can all agree that for fried chicken to even be considered the “best,” it must have a nice crispy crust on the outside and juicy on the inside.


In some areas, some may opt for such well-known restaurant chains as KFC, or Popeye’s or even Chick-Fil-A, among other chicken restaurants, some of which are well-known because they are generally located in major cities as the above, or ones that may be popular in their local towns. For example, Mama Dip’s Kitchen in Chapel Hill, NC is a local favorite and has served nothing but authentic down-home southern cooking since 1976. This spot even counts basketball legend Michael Jordan as one of its fans.




People have different tastes, though. Some people like their chicken fried in the skillet, while others may like theirs deep-fried, like how Bubba’s in Dallas, TX does it with honey and hot rolls on the side, or even double or triple fried.


What if a person has a taste for sweet and salty? Then they may like certain chicken specialties, such as chicken and waffles, which happens to be Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles’s claim to fame, or chicken and doughnuts, like the ones found at Federal Donuts in Philadelphia. They cure their chicken for 24 hours, double fry it, and serve it with a honey donut and your choice of dry seasoning, wet glaze, or naked.




Perhaps they may be on a strict diet, so they may opt for a chicken dish that may be lean(er) or may be part of a salad, such as this one from Son of a Gun Restaurant – minus the bread.



Whatever an individual’s taste, there is no question that fried chicken is one food item that people will gravitate to when they go to any restaurant nationwide, whether it is a chicken restaurant or not.

What’s your favorite chicken restaurant? What’s your specialty? Is it just good ol’ plain fried chicken? Chicken and waffles? Chicken and doughnuts? Or do you prefer your own southern down-home cooking?

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