Coolest Wearable Tech Products

We certainly do live in the world of modern technology. Technology has even influenced how we dress at times. The technology market has a variety of new startup companies, many of which have invested in some smart and some very cool wearables. Wearable products have virtually flooded the market.


Market demands have caused advances not only in technology, but in modern living. For example, the new watch by Apple has made quite a splash.




This unique watch by Apple is almost like wearing a computer on your wrist. With this new watch you don’t even really need a computer. The Apple creation allows a person to know what time it is and at the same time he or she can access the Internet, send e-mails, and communicate with almost anyone within a short period of time.




The Moto 360-Sport watch has become increasingly popular. This unique watch could best be described as an updated and sportier version of Motorola’s Android Smart Watch. This particular watch is suited for those who are active and always on the move.




The Fossil Q-Founder is an Android Smartwatch. This watch is the most expensive wearable watch that Fossil currently makes. This stainless steel watch offers a variety of cool functions. The Fossil Q-Founder has become almost as popular as Apple’s new creation. If you are willing to invest in this unique Fossil Smartwatch it can easily be done for around $275.


Fitness trackers seem to be flooding the market also. The High-Tech Trek Plus Fitness tracker is water resistant with a variety of key features. This fitness tracker is good for a few laps around the pool. It can detect changes in blood volume and pressure. Steps, distance and calorie intake can be monitored with this unique gadget.

The Fitbit Flex offers cool features too. It can turn exercise into a game. This tiny device can actually help a person to stay in shape without ever stepping foot into a gym. This device comes with a built-in 5 day battery and it is water resistant.


In addition to wrist gadgets and bands, there’s also hearables, clothing, sleep type sensors, as well as the latest activity monitors. It seems there’s no end to staying connected or being health conscious as this world of technology continues to enhance our lives in a variety of ways. There is no telling what’s in store for the future.

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