The Best Roller Coasters in the World (Tallest, Fastest, and Longest)

Perfect for the adrenaline enthusiast, roller coasters everywhere have proven time and again that defining the forces of nature can be a thrill ride all on its own.

Whether it’s the tallest, fastest, or longest ride; one thing remains – the guaranteed rush the rider gets while on the ride. Let’s briefly outline just a few of these rides featured at various amusement parks throughout the world.



Piraten (The Pirate)
Voted one of the world’s best roller coaster on several occasions, the Piraten stands 105 feet in the air making it the tallest roller coaster in Denmark. Although its top speed only reaches 56 mph, the structural design features a 70° vertical drop.



Texas Giant
The Texas Giant is considered the tallest hybrid roller coaster in the world. Located at Six Flags over Texas this steel/wooden roller coaster stands at a staggering 153 feet above the ground. The ride originally opened up in 1990 and has received a golden ticket award, putting it in the top 10 steel roller coasters list.



T Express
Measuring in at well over 5,000 feet long, this South Korean roller coaster is also deemed one of the world’s best wooden roller coasters. In comparison to some of the other longest roller coasters, this roller coaster reaches speeds of 65 mph and the roller coaster also features a 77° vertical angle as well as a terrifying 150 foot drop.



The Voyage
Located in Indiana, one of the immediate features seen on this ride is its mile plus long track. The ride has received a numerous amount of awards since taking its first voyage in 2007. The ride itself has a 66° steep angle and reaches speeds of 67 mph. Additionally, this ride features five underground tunnels, three 100+ foot drops, and a total ride time of 2 minutes and 45 seconds.


Located in Japan, this ride has a top speed of 54 mph and is considered to be the fastest roller coaster in Japan alone. The ride stands 108 feet tall and features bank curves, steep drops, and much more with a one minute long ride duration.




The Incredible Hulk
Located at Islands of Adventure in Orlando Florida the Incredible Hulk is among one of many of the fastest roller coasters and goes from 0 to 40 mph from the very start and eventually reaches a top speed of 67 mph. The ride features a 105 foot drop, vertical loops, two corkscrews, and much more as it personifies the anger and rage of the Incredible Hulk.

Although there are several others that meet the criteria for the longest, tallest, and/or fastest roller coasters throughout the world, the above examples provide just a glimpse at what developers and manufacturers have creatively designed for thrill seekers everywhere. Tell us what your all-time favorite roller coaster is in the comments below. Start putting those PalmPons sharePoints to good use!


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