The Three Most Expensive Hotel Suites in the World

Skyscrapers. Mountain Peaks. Tropical Islands. These places may not seem like they share too many characteristics, but one thing in common among them is

that they are highly sought after getaway destinations. With ambitions of grand travel like these, grand locations should follow. Places with privacy. Adventure! Pleasure. Throughout the world, there are a handful of these ultra luxury vacation experiences, for the very rich and very powerful…dozens of exotic places where mere mortal men only dream of staying. For simplicity’s sake, let’s examine the top three. Introducing…




Hilltop Villa, Laucala, Fiji Island Resort, Fiji

Functioning as more of a miniature resort in its own right, the Hilltop Villa rewrites the book on what it means to be a “tropical paradise.” It’s got a private pool, staff, and garden for optional seclusion. And, with ultra modern amenities combined with gorgeous views of the South Pacific, you’ll definitely want to check into this place for an extended vacation…provided, of course, that you’ve got the $27,000 dollars to spend per night!


Moving right along…




Ty Warner Penthouse, New York City, New York

Though far from Fiji’s tropical suites, this luxurious hotel room is nonetheless a pinnacle of of elegance and class. Standing high above any other in the city, and on an impressive nightly $55,000 fee, the hotel rooms of this penthouse take a much more refined approach to relaxation. If you can swing the extra cash, you can enjoy glass balcony views, Japanese Silks, calfskin leather walls, and a personal butler. You get a trainer and chauffeur too, but really… you get a personal butler!


And last, but certainly not least…


Royal Penthouse Suite, Hotel President Wilson, Geneva

The two selections above are absolutely amazing getaways. But for some, these stays of luxury are not quite enough. For those people, there is the Penthouse Suite of the President Wilson Hotel. This undisputed heavyweight luxurious hotel costs an equally undisputed $83,200 per night, and completely takes up the entire eigth floor. With a full staff, and twelve bedrooms (each with their own marble bathroom) the Royal Penthouse Suite was truly made with just that in mind; royalty. Its bulletproof glass should give you the peace of mind you deserve. As you look out at the Swiss Alps, past your 100″ television and Steinway grand piano, the only thing this palace doesn’t have is a reason to not enjoy yourself!


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