Miami Nightlife – Bars, Clubs, Lounges, and Parties

Nightlife in Miami is just on another level. Nighttime is when Miami truly comes to life. You will find the best places for dancing, live concerts, drinks and even gaming activities. Experience some of the greatest wine bars, cocktail bars, rooftop bars, sports clubs, lounges and live music and some of the world’s best DJs.




This club is an architectural wonder. It is one of the coolest clubs in Miami. And, gaining access to it means that you are actually one of the coolest people. Just as its name suggests, here is where you get to LIVe the night life. However, partying at this nightclub will require you to be prepared to spend quite a handful.


Purdy Lounge
The Purdy lounge is one of the most affordable nightlife lounges in Miami. Here, you can get relatively cheap drinks. Most people are attracted to this lounge as there is no line. The lounge is most suitable for old-school hip-hop lovers.





Grand Central


Grand central is a nightlife warehouse located in the outskirts of downtown. It is one of the most popular live music venues. This venue is suitable for everyone regardless of age, culture or subculture. They also host dance nights where a small cover charge is required for entry.




If you are a jazz music lover, this is the right place for you. Jazid is a lounge located in the south beach. It has gained its reputation from holding live jazz concerts ranging from acid to classic. Also, enjoy house or jazz music played by the Lounge’s DJ upstairs.





The Broken Shaker


The Broken Shaker is one of the best cocktail bars in Miami. All the drinks here are handcrafted. And, you don’t have to deal with monotonous drinks as their menu changes with every new day.




Bardot is a low-lit joint for local artists who want to maintain a low profile. It is also one of the most affordable cocktail venues in the south beach, with their cocktails going at only $12. It is one of the clubs offering live music in Miami.




This is an outdoor restaurant, most popular among American ladies. They hold the biggest party known as “My Boyfriend’s Out of Town.”


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