Best 10 Movies of 2015

As 2015 winds to an end, here are the top ten best movies of the year so far. These movies have all been released in 2015, and are on course to be some of the best movies this year.




10. Spy – Spy is a film with amazing acting; a spy film about a desk agent who finds out that she can be a spy. She then actually does it, and the story goes from there. Definitely one of the top movies of 2015.


9. Kingsman – The Secret Service – A James Bond like thriller. This movie is action packed and colorful. It is highly suspenseful, and it will keep you on the edge of your seat. This one definitely makes our list of 2015’s top movies.


8. Slow West – Try fairy tales mixed with a western; a mixture of different themes. It will make you laugh, and it is quite a thrilling take on these two classic themes. One of the best movies of the year.




7. While We’re Young – A take on looking back and not taking things for granted. We all age, and this film reminds you of that in a smart and entertaining way.


6. Me and Earl and the Dying Girl – This film is about a teenage girl who is dying of cancer. One of the best movies of 2015, this emotional film is heartwarming while exploring how tragic life can be at times.


5. It Follows – A chilling tale that grows in momentum and suspense as the movie nears its close. A chiller that will leave you looking over your shoulder. One of the scariest movies in the list.


4. What We Do in the Shadows – Highly smart, entertaining and engaging, this film will keep you laughing and entertained the entire time. One of the top movies of 2015.




3. Ex Machina – An intelligent and well-designed picture, with amazing acting. Two men spend time communicating with a female robot that they have invented, and the issues they discuss are the heart of the movie.


2. Inside Out – A Pixar film that explores the emotions. This film is heartwarming, sweet, and cute all at the same time. This one is definitely one of the top movies on our list.




1. Mad Max: Fury Road – An amazing movie, to say the least. This movie explores gender roles in a thrilling and dynamic action packed ride through the desert and the world of Mad Max.


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